ICDC College Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 17 years, ICDC College has been equipping students with the skills they need for entry-level employment. With over 20 programs in varying fields, ICDC College offers diversity, flexibility, and support to their students. From the first phone call to the time you walk across the stage on graduation day, ICDC College is there for you every step of the way.

And now, with this ICDC College FAQ website, you can find the answers to many of your questions before you even call. ICDC College knows that choosing a college can take a lot of research and consideration, which is why we urge you to explore all the reasons to attend ICDC College.   Click Here to Read More

ICDC College School Honors

City of Los Angeles - Certificatae of Commendation Los Angeles City Appreciation 2005 Certificate of Congressional Recognition Senate Certificate of Recognition - ICDC College Senate Certificate of Recognition - Anna Berger County of Los Angeles Award - Anna Berger

ICDC College Success Stories

You too can Change your Life Today!

Today’s the beginning of my future. I needed to make something better of myself and ICDC College was it. Thanks to ICDC, I was able to get that job. My ICDC College experience was the best. They help you with everything. It’s a really good school to go to. It’s the best.
Elizabeth Talledos Casas
Elizabeth Talledos Casas
Homeland Security and Investigation graduate
I had the help and support I needed from faculty and staff at ICDC College.
Andrea Natalie Rocha
Andrea Natalie Rocha
Business Office Administration graduate
I’ve done things I didn’t think I could do. I made the honor roll; I didn’t do that in high school. I’m Valedictorian today. I’m working and it’s such a great experience. Everything I learned in school, I did there from Day 1. I left there fully confident that I was going to be okay. I’m living my life’s dream.
Sharron Hunter
Sharron Hunter
Alcohol and Drug Counseling graduate

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